Tyler-Tx-Senior-Photography-Jaron-Arp-HSFAQ & STUDIO POLICIES

1. Is there a session fee or sitting fee to book your photography services?

– I run my business as a commissioned artist, therefore, with the exception of a retainer for weddings or for limited edition sessions, you DO NOT pay me up front to take your photographs.  You pay for the artwork you want after your session at your selection appointment.

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– Limited Edition Sessions have a set price that is required up front to hold the date and time of your session.

2. How much is it to add an engagement session to your wedding services?

-Nada, zero, & zilch.  You will have an engagement session before you ever book or pay for your wedding.  Photography is a large and very important investment for your wedding memories.  I want my brides and grooms to love their images and working with me.  This gives them the opportunity to take my services for a “test drive” before committing. Once you book, it also includes five mounted prints to display at your reception!  I promise your future husband that it will not be near as painful as he thinks it will be.

3.  Why do you require a consultation with clients?wallmockup4

–  I tailor each session and wedding portraits specifically to my clients needs and personalities.  In order to do that, I need to know as much about you as possible and will ask a lot of questions!  I will conduct phone consultations for clients that are out of town.

4. What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule your services?

– Wedding retainers are not refundable as work has already begun on your wedding once we have had your engagement session & no one else can take your date.

– If a regular session is not rescheduled or canceled with in one week of the session a $100 reservation fee will be required to be paid in order to re-book the session. The reservation fee will be applied as a print credit on your account.

– Weather or emergency related rescheduling is done at the discretion of Phoenix Rhys Photography.

5. How long is my session?

As long as it takes, with the exception of Limited Edition sessions which have many sessions in one day. If it takes 30 minutes or 2 hours to create your vision, that’s how long the shoot will last.  The average time is 45 minutes and is dependent on how comfortable a client is in front of a camera.

5. What if I want you to take specific images?

During our consultation, we will go over your vision  for the perfect session/wedding portraits and a Pinterest board will be created for me to get an idea of your style and the feel you are going for.  I can not (and will not) copy another artists work and often these images require a certain set of circumstances (or vendors) to come together to create them.  Due to the unpredictable nature of weddings, (and the occasional uncle bob who steps into the middle of the aisle at the first kiss!) I can’t guarantee any specific shot but will create an accurate representation of your very special day.  Please review my portfolio to see my specific shooting and editing style.

6. Can I purchase a gift certificate? 

– Absolutely!  Clients may purchase a gift certificate for family or friends or even for themselves to be applied to their future session.  Gift certificates purchased for a future session receive a 10% print credit to their account.  This means, if you purchase a $1000 gift card when you book your session, you receive $1100 to use at your selection appointment!

7. Are digital images included with my session/wedding? 14141716_598772110305580_7882146498467120657_n

– Digital images are NOT included with your session or wedding and must be purchased separately at the ordering appointment.  I offer several digital purchasing options.

– All wall art and albums purchased by clients include a digital image with a print release for client gift printing up to 11X14 in size with the purchase of that wall art or album.

8. Can I print images you share with me on social media sites?

– All of my images are protected by Federal Copyright Law and may only be printed if the client purchases high resolution digital images from Phoenix Rhys Photography.  Please do not attempt to print any images from a website or social media site, as these images are very small files and will look distorted when printed. Feel free to share, save, or set social media images as profile photos but please do not crop, print or edit the images in any way.

9.  If I purchase digital images, what can I use them for?

–  You can share these images online (credit to PRP is nice but not required).  You may also print these images as many times as you want in any format up to 11 X 14 in size for family and friend gifting. You MAY NOT use the images for business purposes, advertising, publishing, selling or for a contest without explicitly written permission from Phoenix Rhys Photography.  I will happily suggest decent consumer printers to my clients.

– If you need images for business purposes, licensing of those images is a separate price.  Please contact me for pricing.

10. What if I want you to edit the images a certain way?

– The editing style of the images are done at the discretion of Phoenix Rhys Photography.  But as you find out during your consultation, I try to incorporate your style into the images. Requests for specific Photoshop editing can be commissioned by the client at a rate of $60 an hour with a one hour minimum.

11. How will I order my images? 14183914_598771376972320_7037315761255350905_n

–  Once the images are edited, we will coordinate a date and time that’s convenient for us both to view your images.  Images can ONLY be ordered at this appointment and can not be reviewed at home or a later date.  Please bring all purchasing decision makers with you to this appointment.

12. What if I want to change my order after my ordering appointment?

– Due to the custom nature of artwork, changes to orders after the appointment can not be made. Orders are immediately placed with the lab.

–  If you want to purchase additional wall art after the ordering appointment a new order may be placed.

_ PRP is not obligated to store your images and files after the ordering appointment so be sure to buy everything you want at the appointment!

13.  Do you offer payment plans?


–  We do offer payment plans and consignment plans to all clients! Clients must pay 25% of the order and the remaining may be divided into 6 payments on what ever date of the month is convenient to the client. This payment will be automatically drafted.

-Clients are required to have two credit cards or forms of payment on file with the studio. A returned check will incur a $35 fee.

14.  Do you offer any guarantees?

– For portrait sessions, I guarantee that you will LOVE your images or I will re-shoot them at no additional cost to the client.  Images from the first shoot will be deleted and will not be available for purchasing.

– If for some reason (knock on wood, has never happened I bring back up cameras, lenses and batteries) that I have an equipment failure and fail to produce at least five images for a portrait session, the client will have the choice of a re-shoot (and the first images will be available for purchasing) or a refund.  For wedding clients, if at least ten images are not produced for each section of the wedding photographed, ie:getting ready, ceremony, portraits, etc…. the client will receive a refund prorated for the missing images.



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