Newborn Portraits 17 Years in the Making

Angela & Jeremy have waited around 17 years for this little miracle named Jax.  After years of negative pregnancy tests, they began fostering their precious boy Caleb (AKA: Monster) when he was a few months old.

a usual pose for Monster & his daddy

Shortly after Caleb turned 2 (and just after them officially being awarded permanent custody of Caleb) , Angela began having pregnancy symptoms.  Friends kept telling her to go take a pregnancy test but after having been disappointed so many times over the last 17 years, she really didn’t want to take another one just for it come up negative again. Plus she was almost 40, there’s no way she was pregnant now after all these years of trying!


But apparently there’s a higher power that has a plan because after cajoling from family and friends she took the test and the rest, they say, is history.

Not entirely enough months later due to complications, baby Jax was born on November 22, 2016 at 5:38 P.M. and weighed in at a little over 3lbs.  A month later, Jax finally got to have his newborn portrait shoot and he is absolutely adorable! (and the spitting image of mommy but don’t tell daddy…shhh).  Here’s some of my favorite Jax newborn portraits!

Photo by special request from daddy





19 thoughts on “Newborn Portraits 17 Years in the Making

  1. I became a first time mom just shy of my 41st birthday after years of trying. I am so thankful (despite how I started to doubt it ever happening) that God answered my prayers in His perfect timing. God knows our heart’s desire and is faithful even when we lose faith. Congratulations Angela and Jeremy on the newest addition to your precious family!


    1. Thank you Julie so much! The Lord does know the desires of our hearts for sure! I am so thankful for our little blessing!


  2. Jax is just precious!!! The pics turned out great! Congrats a million times over Jeremy & Angela on your long awaited blessing. 💗


  3. These two are awesome people and parents! Jax is a true miracle and is such a lucky little guy to have them as parents! 😍😘


  4. Congratulations Jeremy and Angela ! God not only Blessed you both with One but Two of the Most Handsome little guys ! We can’t wait to stay tuned for the next 18 years ! These two boys will be best friends ! Much Love


  5. No matter how many times I hear it or tell it,it gets more beautiful every time,one of my favorite stories!! We love you guys ❤❤


  6. Jax is most definitely a gift from God!!! The patience and the love that they gave Caleb was proof enough for him!! Love you guys very much and so happy for you all!!!


  7. I am 100% complete. Sometimes it takes time. Couldn’t be a happier father of two special boys. I love you Angela Mitchum, Monster and Jax.


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